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, the president is the stewart of the overall economy. you learn that in the navy as the captain of a ship. at the same time, both parties need to look and see that both speaker boehner and president obama did come close to a principaled compromise. i think they both have good intentions for the future of america's economy at heart. they were $500 billion away from a $2.5 trillion agreement. if they can both come forward a little bit more, president obama more on spending reductions including entitlement reform, he did do some and mr. boehner, speaker boehner coming forward not just $1 million having a tax raise, those earning $400,000 to $500,000, you can get the grand bargain. it's not what we are talking today. get the fiscal cliff to where you change the scale to a bunny slope, where the skier can pick up speed, accelerate the economy up to 3%, only reducing the debt reduction down 200 billion. then with the surging economy, you get $3 trillion in february before the debt limit is broken, then the economy is so strong it can take the grand compromise and roar into the next nine years.
could have hired navy s.e.a.l.s to come in and do a better job. they did everything that they were trained and hoped to do. we locked the doors. they have cameras on them. we have security officers. in some cases we have full on police officers in larger schools they have police forces. this was a deranged individual. and he hurt us as a nation. but i think what's also important is to understand that from this tragedy we're going to see that we as a state and as a country are going to come together and make sure that the folks here in newtown get every single thing that we can provide them. we can't get them their children back. but we can let them know that they are loved and supported and we're going to be there for them throughout the holidays and beyond. >> steve, what about the survivors? all the kids that heard and saw things that they will never forget. at what point does their ability to learn, their development, all of that suffer? i mean, can they ever get back to what they were? >> that's the tough part. that's the tough part. no one knows the impact of a tragedy on a ch
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2